Custom made pendant lamps, wall scones or table lamps....each one is unique!

Pair of decorative wall scones after installation

I created these birch tree-inspired wall sconces for a personal project. They were the first lamps that I attempted, and I was very pleased with how they came out.

They add both colour and light to our dimmly lit guest bedroom. They enhance the central artwork on the same theme—which is also one of my personal pieces painted many, many years ago.

Pair of fused glass wall lamps
Fused glass lamp shade being prepared for firing in glass fusing kiln

Preparing the kiln to drape slump an organic pendant lamp shade

Pendant lamp shades can be tricky to get the balance right. The weight needs to be equal all around to avoid it slipping to one slide as it fires. In addition, if you fire too hot or to too long, you can end up with glass pooled on the floor of the kiln or irretrievably stuck to the mould.

The rule of thumb is low (temperature) and long (firing time). Some kilns have a peekaboo window that allows you to watch during the critical moments when the glass is dropping and adjust if needed. I only wish I had such luxuries!!