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The hoopoe bird is local to Languedoc

The crested hoopoe bird, which is local to the Languedoc region, was the inspiration for this project. The clients particularly enjoyed watching these unique birds who frequent the garden from the bedroom window of their holiday cottage and wanted to reflect this beauty inside.

Fused glass: hoopoe bird in flight—image of the fused glass hoopoe bird design in-progress

Why stop at one?

I created this series of three large glass birds to personalize the bedroom wall of their cottage.The original commission was for a single bird, but they loved the result so much they dedicated a full wall to feature the trilogy.

I had a great time experimenting with colour reactions to arrive at the rich effect of the wing feathers.

Fused glass: hoopoe bird perched on a branch—image of a fused glass hoopoe bird after firing
Fused glass: hoopoe bird—close up image of the bird's head crest
Fused glass: close up image of the in-progress design of the bird tail—prior to firing


Wall mounted triptych
Dimensions: wingspan ~60 cm, configured on wall (180cm x 90cm)
Glass: co96
Firing: 2x per bird at up to 775⁰ C