One of a kind creations that are both beautiful and functional.

Fused glass: asymetrical bowl with a pinwheel design

Check out some of these popular bowls!

Winged bowl

This fun, multicoloured bowl is available in a variety of colour combinations and can be made to order. The design is created by stacking the glass with a long fuse to allow the glass to flow organically. The bowl shape is formed using a custom drop mold I created myself.


  • Dimensions:17cm diameter
  • Glass:co96
  • Firings:2x up to 796⁰

Grenadine bowl

This grenadine coloured glass is one of my favourite shades, so I let it be the star of this flower-inspired bowl. The centre of the flower is highly textured with small peekaboo holes. Lovely to look at, but not for holding your soup!


  • Dimensions: 30cm diameter
  • Glass:co96
  • Firings:3x up to 770⁰